Friday, November 12, 2010

Alyssa's Promotion!!

Alyssa had a fun day when she promoted from 8th grade to high school! She is growing into such a beautiful girl...inside and out!!!!

Before the big ceremony!

Alyssa accepts her "diploma".

Our darling girls!! We are so blessed!!

Our family!

Goodbye Mendenhall...Hello Granada Class of 2014!!!

Alyssa's Promotion Dance

Alyssa got to get all dressed up for a dance to celebrate her promotion from 8th grade! She looked gorgeous!

Alyssa didn't want to wear high heels so she opted to bling out a pair of comfortable converse!
Alyssa with her best friend, Jen! Pretty girls!

Alyssa is growing up way too fast! I wish I could stop time!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

18 years and counting...

John and I celebrated out 18th wedding anniversary on May 16! We were so blessed to enjoy a week in Hawaii to celebrate!!

We had such a fun time hanging out with Jared, Gina and Kai at our resort in Ko'olina!

One of our favorite places...Waimea Bay!

Matsumoto's shaved ice...DELISH!!

Celebrating the big day!

Waiting to swim with the open ocean! Awesome!

Kayaking to the Mokolua Islands! Beautiful!!!

Our last night! So sad to leave but so happy that we got to spend a week together in one of our favorite places on earth! Happy Anniversary, sweetie! Love you tons!!!!!!

Happy 17th, KATE!!!!!!

Time is sure flying! I want it to slow down!!! Jackson came out for Kate's birthday and we surprised her with tickets to the San Jose Sharks hockey game. We had box seats from John's company. We had a lot of fun! Happy Birthday, gorgeous girl!!!!

Blinged out Sharks shirt!
Candles for the little girls who doesn's like cake! Instead?...chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels!

The game was a blast and to top it off...the Shark's won!!

Abby's School Play

Abby auditioned for one of the leading roles in her school play and she got it! She had a lot of fun! The girl does not have a shy bone in her body!!!

Kate's Junior Prom

I can't believe that my little girl is old enough to be a Junior in high school and attend her prom!! She asked Jackson, her boyfriend from Utah, to go with her...

...he accepted! They had a great time and both looked absolutely darling!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Abby's Birthday Party!

It was Abby's year to have a "small" birthday party. She invited two friends, Kayla and Casey, to go have manicures, pedicures and stay for a sleepover! She is growing too fast!

Oh..the possibilities!

Abby getting her manicure

Abby getting her pedicure



Of course, Kate and Alyssa were invited too!

Letting the polish dry

Showing off the pretty nails

More nails...

and toes!

Abby's cake

Getting ready to cut the cake

So Abby...full of joy and light! Such a sweet angel!

Make a wish!! Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!!!!!